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April 13, 2023

VLBS vs Mobile LBS: Why Phones Alone Aren't Enough

Sheeva.AI Team

VLBS vs Mobile LBS: Why Phones Alone Aren't Enough

Smartphones are part of our everyday life and we expect them to be able to do just about anything. So, why would we need anything else when it comes to connected cars?

Routine purchases like tolls, parking, or gasoline, often need intervention and input by the customer. And, every extra second spent clicking and swiping is lost customer attention. So how do we extend mobile commerce into the one place we use to make that commerce possible -- our cars? And how do we do it so that with fewer steps, less time, and less frustration for the driver? Vehicle Location Based Service (VLBS) removes this friction by automating payments and services without new infrastructure or re-writing of existing apps, and today, we can do to within 2 meters of the car' location.

Join us in a friendly debate on smartphones, apps, connected cars, and the VLBS market today.

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