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July 23, 2022

Sheeva.AI and Millennium Parking Garages Partner to Pilot Premium Automated Parking Experience


Tysons Corner, VA, and Chicago, IL, April 28, 2022 - Sheeva.AI, a leading in-car payments and connected vehicle solutions provider, announced today that it is kicking off a pilot with Millennium Parking Garages (MPG) and Civic Infrastructure Collaborative (CIC). The pilot is part of the Millennium Gateway Innovation Lab, a cross-sector effort to develop tech-enabled solutions for smart infrastructure management, integrate parking more fully into urban transportation systems. Over the coming weeks, Sheeva's solution will be deployed to select pilot participants in Millennium Lakeside Garage in downtown Chicago to evaluate the Sheeva solution's ability to digitally and automatically manage parking space types (e.g. accessible, EV charging, preferred locations) and identify occupancy levels. The team will test several use cases including parking reservations, garage entry, and navigation to parking spots.

The Millennium Gateway Innovation Lab is a consortium of stakeholders focused on modernizing and streamlining parking and mobility more fully into urban transportation systems. Finding and paying for parking suited to a driver's individual needs, especially in busy urban centers, can be a frustrating hassle.

Millennium Garages is piloting options to digitize and improve the end-to-end experience for commuters, fleets, and leisure customers. The company is exploring options for a solution that easily integrates into its own systems to make the most efficient use of data and infrastructure to benefit its customers.

Sheeva's location-based technology will provide real-time parking space availability and automated reservations for pilot participants based on their destination. Drivers will enjoy a seamless parking experience through navigation to guide them to their preferred parking location to the specific parking spot, and automatic payment based on the amount of time spent in the garage. Sheeva's solution can activate a parking session, activate an EV charging station, send receipt of payment, and identify exactly when a driver leaves so that their space becomes available in the space management system and can be reassigned to the next driver. All these functions occur automatically based on the vehicle's precise location and movement.

"Infrastructure needs to do and be more things to more people than ever before. Having a digital representation of a physical asset allows asset owners and operators to turn data into useful and actionable information, which results in improved experiences for customers," said Tom McCoy, Director of Infrastructure Solutions Civic Infrastructure Collaborative. "By combining Sheeva's innovative technologies with real world problems, we believe we can help facilitate this digital transformation. Millennium Parking Garages is a premier facility, and we're excited to see how their forward-thinking approach changes parking in Chicago."

Issac Riggs, COO of Millennium Parking Garages explained, "We are constantly testing emerging technologies to improve the experience our customers have in our garages. We want to simplify the parking experience, and Sheeva.AI's technology offers promise to do that."

"Sheeva was started as a parking-focused technology platform, and now that we have had years to hone our parking solution to effectively address all of the variables involved, we are thrilled to be able to partner with Millennium Garages to offer it to users," said Evgeny Klochikhin, Sheeva.AI CEO. "The technology is turnkey ready to scale today. We look forward to the pilot further showcasing how Sheeva offers a simple, effective solution that everyone can use to simplify all of their vehicle-based services and payments."

About Sheeva.AI

Sheeva.AI provides a flexible, low-cost platform that uses precise (< 2-meter accuracy) geolocation of connected vehicles - even in deep urban canyons - to enable contactless, automatic payments in the cloud.

Sheeva.AI's platform integrates via open APIs to enable payments and automation for services like fuel, charging, toll payment, parking, curbside pick-up, and more. Unlike most Vehicle Location-Based Services (VLBS) systems, Sheeva.AI provides a low-cost and highly flexible way to enable vehicle-based payments and services extensible to existing mobile apps, in-vehicle apps, and location-based services without the need for new architecture or expensive hardware deployments. (www.Sheeva.AI)

About Millennium Garages

Millennium Garages LLC is a joint venture by infrastructure fund partners that control a long-term, exclusive concession rights and responsibilities for the 3.8 million square foot Millennium Garages system in downtown Chicago.

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About Civic Infrastructure Collaborative

Civic Infrastructure Collaborative drives public value from core urban infrastructure through cross-sector collaboration and technology-enabled innovation. As a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, the Collaborative uses a proven methodology to identify, develop, deploy, and scale inclusive infrastructure solutions. We help infrastructure asset owners, operators, public officials, technology providers, and other stakeholders to deliver economic, social, and environmental returns for the communities they serve.

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About the Millennium Gateway Innovation Lab

The Millennium Gateway Innovation Lab envisions urban parking real estate as a gateway to other transportation modes and commerce. Launched in partnership with Millennium Garages, SP+, Arrive, the National Parking Association, the International Parking & Mobility Institute, and the City of Chicago, the lab pursues scalable solutions to expand access to public transit and other mobility options, enable smart infrastructure management, and demonstrate other value-added space uses.


Trevor Curwin, Director of Partnerships, Sheeva.AI


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