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April 11, 2023

Episode 6 - How do we use location tech to help the power grid?

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Welcome to our 6th episode of That New Car Sense, our podcast on connected cars, smart cities, IoT, V2X, digital payments, and location technologies. Our guest this month: Bonnie Lind, founder of Berkshire Bridge Energy and formerly of SunRun and FirstWind -- where she helped mold utilities' renewables and grid resilience strategies -- will discuss the role of location tech in optimizing EV batteries-as-storage.  (Starts at 26:27)

And we’ll talk about the big headlines this month, too. What's on our news radar in this episode:

Battery swapping on the rise –  Battery swapping is a concept that has already been looked into (and failed) but has recently been getting new life in China. Battery swapping and energy storage open more partnership opportunities with the grid.  (1:12)

MDOT is looking into wireless road charging –  Across the globe discussions are being done on the use of wireless road chargers. Now they are building one in our very own backyard in Michigan. New charging developments like this continue to open and push an EV agenda in the US. (9:40)

Revel sees the grid as a potential partner –  There's been a lot of talk on how the grid plays the part in the charging ecosystem. As the charging infrastructure continues to grow, the grid needs to grow with it. The grid will also need help with power supply as they develop to handle the extra load. The company Revel is ahead of the curve and wants to sell surplus energy back to energy providers during peak power use times. (16:37)

Your hosts: Jack Van Wey and Trevor Curwin (@tcurwin)

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