Meet the Team

Team with over 150 years of Global Automotive and Mobility experience.

Evgeny Klochikhin, PhD
Founder & CEO
Adam Rouls
Lokesh Kumar
Anish Agarwal
CEO, Sheeva Asia
Stanislav Korolev
Geschäftsleiter | Business Director, Sheeva GmbH
Virochan Dev
VP of Software Engineering
Dan Trainor
VP of Business Development
Ankit Bhatia
Marketing Operations, Sheeva Asia
Dhiraj Ojha
Head of Partnerships, Sheeva Asia
Trevor Curwin
Director of Partnerships
Abhishek Acharya
Head of OEM Onboarding, Sheeva Asia
Shakti Singh
Product Owner, Sheeva Asia
Dhruv Patel
Program Manager
Alexey Gribko
Data Scientist
Yuri Yatsynin
Embedded Systems Engineer
Elena Urman
Research Engineer

Meet the rest of our team


Board of Directors

Evgeny Klochikhin, Sheeva.AI
Patrick McGovern, The P.J. McGovern Foundation
Sidney Haider, Reynolds & Reynolds Company

Board Observers

Anish Agarwal, The Aggarwal Family
Atsushi Takagi, Hagiwara Electronics

Board Advisors

Thomas Andrae, Linden Capital
Gani Nayak, Chamberlain Group
Ario Keshani, Entrepreneur
Colin McKillop, ERP Consulting
David Pickeral, Consultant
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