The Sheeva.AI Advantage
Precise location

Patented geolocation algorithms provide accuracy within 2 meters

One Touch Activation

Simple and convenient activation for all services and payments

Digital Wallet

Secure in-vehicle payments for driver services

Simple APIs

Embeddable technology in vehicle infotainment using simple APIs

Experience the Sheeva.AI Customer Journey

Our Solutions

Sheeva.AI’s solutions were developed around the driver and the driver experience. Whether our technology is utilized for consumer,enterprise, or government applications, we design our technology to enhance the driver experience. Better serve your customers, moreaccurately manage your fleet and assets, streamline services for your constituents – all with our simple and intuitive solutions that initiate theright action at the right time.


Evgeny Klochikhin, PhD
Founder & CEO
Adam Rouls
Lokesh Kumar
Anish Agarwal
CEO, Sheeva Asia
Stanislav Korolev
Geschäftsleiter | Business Director, Sheeva GmbH
Virochan Dev
VP of Software Engineering

Use Cases

Patented precise geolocation enables navigation to nearest preferred fueling station, identification and activation of exact gas pump that driver pulls up to and simple payment leading to exceptional fueling experience and increased customer loyalty.
Sheeva.AI’s parking solution makes it a breeze to locate, navigate to and pay for street, lot or garage parking using digital payments, eliminating need to download multiple apps, extending parking time and saving receipts.
EV charging is a concern for many new and potential owners. With Sheeva’s universal solution, drivers can identify charging stations that work for them, and initiate and pay for charging sessions all through their vehicle’s IVI system. A new level of confidence and convenience for EV owners.
View Charging Demo
Sheeva.AI enables an extra level of convenience and no-contact drive-thru experience, with notifications for nearby options, in-vehicle ordering and payment, and removing the confusion and hassle of garbled speakers, reach-and-scan payments at pickup window.
No more extra apps, logins, or entering payment information with Sheeva for curbside pickup. Real-time notifications and patented down to the parking spot geolocation allows drivers to simply park and have their curbside order brought to them.
Tolling & Road Use Charging
Sheeva.AI’s tolling and road use charging solution allows for simpler fee collection with no new infrastructure required. This differentiator significantly cuts costs and allows for simple and quick implementation for drivers and agencies alike.
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