About Sheeva.AI

About Sheeva.AI

Sheeva.AI has developed an in-car payments and commerce solution that introduces vehicle location-based services to monetize the driver experience.

Sheeva’s patented precise geolocation technology allows drivers to seamlessly pay for and receive services such as fueling, electric vehicle charging, parking, curbside pickup and drive-through without leaving the comfort of their vehicle.

The Sheeva technology automatically detects the vehicle at the specific gas pump, parking spot, electric vehicle charging space, or drive-through lane and enables payments right on the in-vehicle infotainment screen or in the OEM mobile app.

The Sheeva Open API allows OEMs and service providers to integrate payments directly via the cloud and SDK through a secure digital wallet, requiring no additional hardware and no new apps.
Our Vision

Like smartphones before, connected vehicles are revolutionizing the way we interact with gas and charging stations, retail, drive-through, parking, and tolls.

Instead of cumbersome mobile apps, drivers expect their next car to park itself, fuel or charge itself, and automatically pay for all services without any extra user input.

Sheeva.AI realizes this consumer expectation in a seamless, easy way via one simple API offering a win-win model to all our clients.

Our Mission

Sheeva.AI solves the challenge of bringing real time, sub-2 meter vehicle location (up to the gas pump & parking space accuracy) and secure identity to the cloud to create the first cross-platform vehicle location-based services solution.

Our solution enables application developers to bring ubiquitous real time services to customers in connected vehicles to automate payments and streamline everyday tasks such as fueling, parking, tolling, curbside pick-up, and more.


Our History

Founded as Parkofon
Received first investments from
Conscious Venture Lab and
Canty Ventures
Won Global Automotive & Mobility
Innovation Challenge Award
Rebranded as Sheeva.AI
to express wider range of applications
Received $625k in strategic
investments from The Aggarwal
Family (India), and Linden Capital
Received $1m strategic investment
from Hagiwara Electronics
Received $3m strategic
investment from major automotive
retail company


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