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April 8, 2023

Episode 5 - How will consumer's adapt to interfaces for new in-car services?

That New Car Sense

Welcome to our 5th episode of That New Car Sense, our podcast on connected cars, smart cities, IoT, V2X, digital payments, and location technologies. Our guest this month: Jack McCauley, legendary founder, inventor, and designer. He's the guy who designed the guitar and drum interfaces for Guitar Hero and taught a whole generation how to jam out (in their imaginations at least.) Then he co-founded Oculus and designed their VR head before selling it to Facebook. He'll talk to us about good hardware design and what it takes to get people to adopt new ways to use their tech, like a car's IVI.    

And we’ll talk about the big headlines this month, too. What's on our news radar in this episode:    

ZiGGY the autonomous EV charger –  The company EV Safe Charge has introduced the world to a new charging prototype called ZiGGY. ZiGGY is an autonomous robot that is also an EV Charger that is mobile. The idea is that ZiGGY can save you any parking spot and then charge your vehicle without having to be stationed at a specific spot. Is this convenience the path of the future?  

US DOT on new EV charging policies –  The US government's spending bill for building out infrastructure is a huge part of how the EV charging infrastructure will get its funding. With that being said, it is important that they also come out with guidelines for this growing ecosystem that needs to be built. Unbiased EV charging standards for location, speed, and more is what is needed to electrify America.     

BlackBerry's new digital cockpit – BlackBerry the phone provider... sorry the intelligent cockpit provider recently released some news of their current endeavors in the market partnering with OEMs in China and more. We will be discussing BlackBerry's shift from a failing mobile provider to getting in front of the connected vehicle transition.

Your hosts: Jack Van Wey and Trevor Curwin (@tcurwin)

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