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April 11, 2023

Episode 7 - New Year, New Automotive Trends: Sheeva.AI's 2nd Annual Year-End Prediction Piece

Sheeva Team

Welcome to our 7th episode of That New Car Sense, our podcast on connected cars, smart cities, IoT, V2X, digital payments, and location technologies. Our guests this month: Jenna Malcom, Business Development Manager and Rei Kato, Engineering Project Manager at Hagiwara America -- where we will discuss predictions for 2023 and beyond around connected vehicles and services. (Starts at 37:32)

And we’ll talk about the big predictions others have made this month, too. What's on our news radar in this episode:

Retail trends to watch 2023 – In the early 2000s, walking through the mall was the number 1 way to shop. Now with tech, mall shopping and retail have a different look with digital wallets, e-commerce and social strategy. (1:12)

The future of EVs – You can't talk automotive predictions without discussing EVs. Volvo discussed some of its own opinions on EVs and their price parity with ICE vehicles in the coming future. (12:18)

Tech predictions for 2023 and beyond – The most important aspect of change is new technology and in 2023 that will be no different. New technology will have a huge impact on connected technology, environmental sustainability, supply chain logistics, everyday life and more with artificial intelligence in the middle. (22:38)

Your hosts: Jack Van Wey and Trevor Curwin (@tcurwin)

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