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January 24, 2024

Sheeva.AI Opens Global API to All Automotive OEMs to Simplify In-Vehicle Payment Integrations

The Sheeva.AI Team

Tysons Corner, VA, January 9, 2024 -- Sheeva.AI announces that they have launched a global API to make it easier for automakers and Tier 1 suppliers to integrate the firm’s industry-setting SheevaConnect™ in-vehicle services and payments product suite.

Having a global API gateway means automakers with multi-brand footprint in different regions can go from a pilot project with one brand to an accelerated rollout of Sheeva.AI-enabled connected services and payments across multiple car model platforms in multiple markets.

This API gateway can enable every automotive OEM with “tools to build the foundation on which they can structure their own, unique customer experience,” says Evgeny Klochikhin, founder and CEO of Sheeva.AI.

“Any automotive software engineer now has an enhanced capability to rapidly build the branded infotainment apps and widgets that guarantee customer satisfaction,” he says. “We see the trust of our customers as a big vote of confidence in the future of the in-vehicle commerce marketplace and Sheeva.AI’s place at its forefront.”

He adds that while in-vehicle payments and services are still quite new, the company’s pilots with channel partners in the automotive sector, as well as with those in the energy, EV charging and parking sectors have made it clear that there are three critical needs to cement this new way of paying for services in place for consumers and to quickly build on that foundation: precise location, secure payments across all transaction types and a rapid, simple API integration process.

“Our own patented location technology that places the car next to the exact gas pump, charging station or parking meter is the first key piece,” he said. “Our co-launch with Visa Acceptance Services of a multi-use tokenization platform is the second.”

This global API availability ensures that the last need is met, he added.

"The ease of use is the primary advantage of our open API architecture," states Lokesh Kumar, CTO of Sheeva.AI. "Our API offering has been significantly shaped by our pilot partners, and the Sheeva.AI team has rapidly refined it in response to their valuable input."

It will continue to improve with each new use case integration, he adds.

Learn more about the SheevaConnect™ API specification here:


Here is the customer journey for a driver of a Sheeva.AI-enabled car:

  • You navigate to a gas station, EV charging station, parking garage/meter or a curbside pickup spot.
  • Our patented location technology sees your car at a specific gas pump, EV charger or parking/curbside pickup space (to within 2 meters)
  • You are asked if you want to pay for gas, charge, parking, or retail purchases from the car’s infotainment screen.
  • If you say yes, the gas pump, EV charger or parking meter/kiosk is activated from inside the car via one touch of the car infotainment screen – no extra apps, no tapping/swiping a credit card.
  • If it’s a curbside pickup order, we tell the retailer’s order management system that you’ve arrived and where you’re exactly parked, via API-to-API communication.
  • You fuel up, plug in, park or pick up your purchases.
  • Payment is handled securely via a single digital wallet enabled by Sheeva.AI’s collaboration with Visa Acceptance Solutions for all use cases.You drive off with a digital receipt that is part of your car’s operating system profile.
  • This also makes it easier to account for fleet use cases, where there may be several drivers for any given vehicle.
  • While Sheeva.AI is not an app itself, the product suite would still allow driver to earn loyalty program awards by just using the system itself.

Sheeva.AI’s innovative product suite is currently rolling out globally, with automotive OEM pilots and with over 2,000,000 service points – including fuel pumps, parking spaces and EV chargers – mapped in the Sheeva.AI database.

The company will host real-world, driver’s-seat-POV demonstrations of the technology at their booths at CES 2024 in Las Vegas (booth #9664, North Hall, LVCC) on January 9-11, 2024, and at NRF’s Big Show in New York City (Booth #8043 in the Innovation Lab), January 13-15, 2024.

Please reach out to the contact information at the bottom of this release to arrange a demo time.


Sheeva.AI’s in-car payments and commerce solution introduces vehicle location-based services to monetize the driver experience. Using a patented precise geolocation technology, drivers seamlessly pay for and receive services such as fueling, EV charging, parking, curbside pickup and drive-through via their car’s IVI screen.

Their SheevaConnect™ product suite includes the patented SheevaLocate™, an embedded software that enables highly accurate vehicle location to within two meters; SheevaFence™, which enables proprietary geofencing/mapping of point-of-sale and service localization (e.g. down to an individual fuel dispenser, EV charging spot, or parking space); SheevaPay™, a cloud-based contactless payment platform; and SheevaServ™, a cloud-based platform to activate nearby services, e.g. a fuel pump, EV charging station, or parking session.

Founded in 2016, it is headquartered in Tysons Corner, VA, with key offices in Detroit, MI, as well as New Delhi (India), Dresden (Germany) and strategic partners in Nagoya (Japan).

More information is available at, and you can check out our demo videos at CurwinSheeva.AI+1 415-646-6063

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