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May 16, 2024

Sheeva.AI and VehicleCare Team Up to Enable Easier, In-Vehicle Payment for Car Washes Across India

The Sheeva.AI Team

Tysons Corner, VA, May 16, 2024 – Sheeva.AI, a leading provider of in-vehicle payments and services, and VehicleCare, the superapp operator committed to reinventing the in-cabin customer experience, today announced they have enabled booking and payment for car washes as a new service using Sheeva.AI’s platform.

This seamless access to car washes follows Sheeva.AI’s announcement earlier this spring that owners of the Citroën C3 Aircross AT can purchase fuel at many Indian gas stations, allowing payment, confirmation and rewards all from inside the car.

“Since launching in India earlier this year, it’s heartening to see the vehicle services market adopt our model of in-vehicle commerce,” said Evgeny Klochikhin, Founder and CEO of Sheeva.AI. “With this announcement, we can now empower the driver to locate and activate the car wash they choose, just like how they can use our product to pay for fuel.”

For VehicleCare, the partnership provides a new opportunity in an increasingly omnichannel marketing universe for car wash operators.

“After we saw how Sheeva.AI can activate the car wash’s operating system from inside the car while taking a digital payment, we knew we wanted our network to have access,” said Arvind Verma, CEO of VehicleCare. 

“In our continuous pursuit of innovation, we are thrilled to be a part of the connected car ecosystem, marking a significant step forward in our commitment to enhancing the automotive service experience,” he added.

Klochikhin added that when Sheeva.AI began its journey, he envisioned a simple way to pay for and activate several car-related transactions – from fueling/charging, to parking and tolling, to curbside pickup and car washes – from inside the vehicle.

“We’ve now proven this can work with fueling,” he said. “Adding car washes is the next logical step. It’s all about making these types of transactions easier for car owners.”

Sheeva.AI’s innovative product suite is currently in production in India. Trials with other automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers globally are on track for later in 2024. The company has mapped more than 3 million service points – including fuel pumps, car washes, parking spaces and EV chargers – into the Sheeva.AI database.

About VehicleCare

VehicleCare is India’s first and only AI-powered superapp committed to the mission to reinvent vehicle ownership. We are a premium destination for online car repair and services, dedicated to revolutionizing the automotive service industry by combining cutting-edge technology with unmatched expertise. Our commitment to excellence, customer-centric approach and incorporation of new-age technologies is what sets us apart from other players in the field, empowering us to deliver high-quality services that exceed customer expectations.

What truly distinguishes VehicleCare from the rest is our innovative AI-enabled digitized systems, which enable us to provide personalized and efficient solutions for all types of vehicle needs. Whether it's routine maintenance, repairs, or diagnostics, our advanced technology ensures precise and reliable service every time.

We also understand that the key to our success lies in the hands of our professionals. That’s why we employ only the best and certified experts to join our team. At VehicleCare, it is our responsibility to ensure that every customer receives exceptional services and leaves satisfied. 

This collaboration allows us to integrate seamlessly into the Connected Car ecosystem, providing our customers with even greater convenience and connectivity.

At VehicleCare, we are not just a service provider, we are your trusted partner on the road.

About Sheeva.AI 

Sheeva.AI’s in-car payments and commerce solution introduces vehicle location-based services to monetize the driver experience. Using a patented precise geolocation technology, drivers seamlessly pay for and receive services such as fueling, EV charging, parking, curbside pickup and drive-through via their car’s IVI screen. 

Their SheevaConnect™ product suite includes the patented SheevaLocate™, an embedded software that enables highly accurate vehicle location to within two meters; SheevaFence™, which enables proprietary geofencing/mapping of point-of-sale and service localization (e.g. down to an individual fuel dispenser, EV charging spot, or parking space); SheevaPay™, a cloud-based contactless payment platform; and SheevaServ™, a cloud-based platform to activate nearby services, e.g. a fuel pump, EV charging station, or parking session.

Founded in 2016, it is headquartered in Tysons Corner, VA, with key offices in Detroit, MI, New Delhi (India), Dresden (Germany) and strategic partner in Nagoya (Japan).

More information is available at, and you can check out our demo videos at


Trevor Curwin

Director of Partnerships


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