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Digital Fuel Card
Get an alert when the driver arrives at your service station to activate gas pump with saved payment method in your existing app.
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Customer Loyalty
Receive the low-fuel alert when the driver is one mile away from your nearest service station to guide them in and share convenience store offers when they arrive.
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Enhanced Fleet Toolkit
Offer your fleet customers peace of mind vehicle and fuel tracking solutions to improve their operations and efficiency.
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Fraud Prevention
Help prevent fraud by tying the “digital fuel card” directly to the vehicle account without extra plastic cards and protect yourself and commercial customers with our Vehicle Present™ payment security algorithms.
Parking image
  • thumbsupIncreased Turnover
    Guide users to your parking lot or garage when you have available spaces. Real-time space availability is automatically managed in the cloud with easy-to-use mobile apps to keep users informed.
  • thumbsupEasy Payments
    Use the car location to automatically start the parking session and charge drivers when they leave without cash, credit cards or extra steps in the mobile app.
  • thumbsupAutomated Revenue Control
    Fully reconciled in the back office; whether a private company or public sector you simply get fees paid.
Food and Retail
Easy Payments
Collect payments automatically from the vehicle’s digital wallet when the car simply arrives at a drive-thru or parking lot.
Targeted Marketing
Send targeted ads to your customers when they are passing by your store and are looking for a morning coffee, lunch, or supplies.
Customer Loyalty
Know how many times per day your customer passes by your store, how often they visit your competitors, and how frequently they may require your services.
Smart Cities
  • thumbsupReduced Congestion
    Reduce the time drivers look for parking with Sheeva.AI's low-cost, infrastructure-less automated parking guidance and payment solution.
  • thumbsupBetter Parking Management
    Improve parking efficiency and land use with real-time parking availability and state-of-the-art operational practices.
  • thumbsupDigital Enforcement
    Always know where parking occupancy is high due to overstaying vehicles.
  • thumbsupEasy Planning
    Plug and play the vehicle data in Sheeva.AI simulations and Smart City dashboards to inform your urban planning and construction decisions.
Tolls & Congestion Charging
revenue_toll revenue_toll
Stable Revenue
Ensure stable revenue collection with this infrastructure-less toll tag alternative. Easily reconciled and enforced in the back office using recorded car location and transactions.
road_toll road_toll
Road Management
Get real-time data about road usage, traffic flow and utilization to support your planning and maintenance.
traffic_toll traffic_toll
Traffic Control
Receive real-time traffic information for your control center application. Support emergency services and government applications with advanced data tools.
interoper_toll interoper_toll
Forget about interoperability headaches once and for all. Sheeva.AI's GNSS-based platform is fully digital and interoperable between all roads and locations.
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